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Your Market Entry in the U.S.

We help you to place your company in the U.S. Contact us for detailed information!

Our services at a glance

  • Business Consulting

    We can help you to establish your company in the U.S. and have your company beeing successful.
  • Company Formation

    We can form your company in any of the 50 U.S. States, either a LLC or a Corporation.


  • By choosing ALTON we found a competent German speaking partner for the founding of our company who always helps us with advice. We want to thank you for the fast processing, the first class service and the experienced assistance. We can highly recommend the service from Mr. Karagoz and his team.
    Sensotech GmbH (Mathias Bode)
  • In August 2008 we decided to establish our company ACOS Corporation in Miami. After intensive internet researches and visits of several Forums, we decided to use the service of ALTON. We were convinced by the price-performance ratio. The communication was good at any time and requests were answered immediately. Gladly we can recommend ALTON for future interested parties.
    Andre Affeldt (Acos Corporation)
  • After talking to a couple of other services we founded Konect Aviation in 2009 with the help of ALTON. The support, immediate communication responses and professional service was fundamental to our success of setting up a growing company here in the US. Thank you very much!
    Ingo Nehls (Konect Aviation LLC)
  • Especially for the construction and trading industry of machines, there is a big potential for us in the USA. ALTON helped us from the first moment, the personal contact was very important for us. We received everything from one hand and we are still using their consulting services. If you are planning to step into the US Market, I can recommend to everyone to use this consulting firm.
    M. Seegräber (Seegräber GmbH)
  • We were looking for a professional service firm able to act quickly and efficiently so that we could break into the U.S. market and begin building our business. After much research we came across Alton and must say: it just doesn't get any better than with Alton.
    V. Jürgens (Yucam Overseas)
  • Our company WorldTra.de LLC was connected professionally and personally with ALTON from 2005 until our move in 2008. In addition to some good advice, Mr. Karagoz always completed his Registered Agent duties with absolute integrity and to our utmost satisfaction. Unfortunately these days this is something one rarely finds . With Mr. Karagoz and his service, you will be well served ... no ifs, ands or buts.
    M. Juenemann (Worldtra.de LLC)
  • When setting up business operations in the U.S. initially we had many open questions and uncertainties. We not only saved the high cost of a specialized lawyer, with ALTON we found an experienced, and German-speaking, partner to not only found our company but also for consulting advice as well as for all our necessary office services such as postal services, telephone and fax services, and much more - and all to our complete satisfaction.
    Markus Meixner (Telecommunication Software GmbH)
  • Max. I would love to confirm that you are a dolphin between a pool of sharks in the incorporation service firms. Price, service, friendliness, commitment, accessibility, professionalism - everything was right, all was flawless. Our experience with you was always very good. To anyone, we can recommend your company.
    K. Maurischat (Goldman Morgenstern & Partners)
  • With its quick and professional service, ALTON helped us found our C Corporation and obtain the investor visa we needed.  In addition to saving us valuable time, they were prompt in supporting us in accomplishing our stock split, as well as successful with our deadlocked visa application.  Our experience with Max Karagoz and ALTON was always positive and definitely the right choice.
    Andreas Kisslinger (Cross Media Production)
  • From the first moment, with ALTON we were confident, and could instead focus on our business.  With its competent team, ALTON was always been there for us. Small as well as big jobs were done to our complete satisfaction. And, Mr. Karagoz did not hesitate to tackle even the most complicated tasks.  I am always happy to do whatever I can to thank him for all his help.
    Andreas Jenny (AutoGlobalTrade AG)
  • Direct and straightforward support for our incorporating. Whatever we needed, that's what we got from ALTON LLC.  
    Werner Freber (Biosys USA LLC)
  • If you are looking for a competent and reliable service company, with ALTON LLC you have come to the right place.
    Robert Mundt (Psynetic LLC)
  • Support on company contracts are available. Registration was very fast and uncomplicated, the ongoing obligations regarding the company division registry are supported, all in all, everything is uncomplicated and fully recommended.
    Michael Claar (Adblue Financial Services LLC)